Laser Hair Removal

Have you ever thought about getting laser hair removal?

Thousands of people are burdened by unwanted face or body hair, but there is a non-invasive solution. Laser hair removal is one of the five most popular non-invasive procedures. The Listening Doctor offers elos™ laser hair removal, a hair removal technology that safely and effectively targets all patients, regardless of hair color or skin tone.

What is elos™ Laser Hair Removal?

elos™ is one of the most popular hair removal systems currently available to the aesthetic medical field, and for a good reason.

elos™ Technology is used in long term hair removal and reduction. Its popularity is due to its ability to be used with almost all hair and skin types. elos™ works by using optical energy systems directed at the sites where hair reduction is wanted. elos™ preheats the targeted site using optical energy, thus creating a thermal path that radio frequency (RF) waves travel on. The RF is pointed toward the hair follicles until the follicle is damaged to the point of being disabled. The disabled follicle is unable to grow hair, making long term hair reduction in that targeted area possible with repeated treatments.

Most elos™ patients require repeated treatments spaced over a few months to achieve their desired hair removal. The amount of treatments needed depends mostly on individual factors including genetics, hair color and more. After a consultation and examination, your Medical Aesthetician will let you know how many treatments you should expect to receive for optimal hair loss.

What Makes elos™ Different?

elos™ is the first and only laser hair removal technology that’s capable of removing all shades of hair color, even tricky colors like grey and white. elos™ also delivers impressive results for those with pale and light skin to tan and dark skin.

The innovative technology used in elos™ makes for faster and gentler treatment with minimized discomfort.

Treatment Areas

  • Abdomen (Happy Trail)

  • Areola

  • Arms

  • Back

  • Chest

  • Beard

  • Bikini

  • Brazilian (Male or Female)

  • Brow

  • Buttock

  • Chest

  • Chin

  • Face

  • Legs

  • Underarms

  • Upper Lip

  • Full Body (Male or Female)