Patient Testimonials

Patient testimonials are an excellent way to not only learn more about your healthcare provider, but what others may be saying about them too! Read on to see some of our patient testimonials.

“My visits to this practice always result in my leaving with a confident feeling that I have been heard, treated with professionalism and am receiving the correct medical care.”

“She made me feel very comfortable and answered my questions. I like that I was able to have a conversation without feeling intimidated.”

“Not only is Dr. Moulton excellent, her staff is amazing. I worked/interacted with doctors and their staff for 30+ years and this office staff is the very best I have ever encountered.”

“I love how she listens and really takes her time to get to the bottom of an issue. The entire staff is amazing and cant imagine going anywhere else.”

“Marlene S. Moulton, M.D. is extremely knowledgeable and kind. She is one of the best Dr to come to our area. She spends time with you and really cares. I feel fortunate to have found her. I have complicated issues and she is addressing them one at a time. She has given me hope and a positive attitude. She really knows her stuff!”

Jill C.

“Marlene S. Moulton, M.D. is very thorough and genuinely interested in my issues. She took the time to explain what treatments were available to me.”

Marcia B.

“The name of her business says it all, but let me back that up. The first time I went to see Dr. Moulton, I was so sick. She didn’t care, she said to come closer to me; let’s talk. Talk we did for an hour. Are you kidding me? She talked and listened with care and concern and even what seemed like affection. What? When I walked out of there, I felt like I had been in the twilight zone. I had to ask myself why hadn’t I ever seen any doctor even close to the experience I had with her? I had blood work done. Turns out many things were out of whack and before you know it; I was 200% better than I had been in years. To be honest, I would like to keep her a secret. But there are people in this world that need TLC plus listened to and Dr. Moulton went out of her own so she can spend this kind of time with clients and not break hospital rules that are not right. I will never find a doctor this good again in my lifetime. Make an appointment. You will be amazed!”

Victoria W.

“Marlene S. Moulton, M.D. was very willing to listen to my issues and very knowledgeable about possible problems. I feel very confident in her and her staff. They were very prompt and efficient.”

William D.

“Marlene S. Moulton, M.D. is a very caring doctor and I am so grateful to have found her. She is the best and I would highly recommend her.”

Kelly G.

“Dr. Moulton was very attentive and empathetic. As an added bonus, she has a great sense of humor which is equally important to me. The laughter helped alleviate some of the anxiety that I was experiencing before the visit. Overall, I left her office feeling relieved and confident. Definitely will recommend her to everyone.”

Natacha S.

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