Vaginal Rejuvenation

Dr. Moulton Offers Fort Myers / Lee County Residents New Options to Restore Vaginal Health and Overcome Vaginal Discomfort.

CO2RE Intima promotes vaginal wellness; giving women renewed confidence, comfort, and quality of life and enhanced sexual functioning.

FORT MYERS / LEE COUNTY – Dr. Moulton of The Listening Doctor is now offering CO2RE Intima, a new, in-office non-surgical laser treatment to address the changes and symptoms women may be experiencing associated with childbirth and aging in the vaginal area, ranging from vaginal looseness/laxity to burning, itching, dryness, painful intercourse, dyschromia and skin pigmentation changes. By adding the CO2RE Intima solution to her practiced Moulton is providing new treatment options to restore vaginal health to a broad array of women, including post childbearing and peri and menopausal women, women who desire enhancement in sexual functioning and a better sexual experience, women who seek vaginal cosmetic improvement and women who want to feel more confident about their feminine health.

This latest solution from Syneron Candela addresses a growing need in gynecology and women’s intimate wellness. The CO 2RE Intima treatment relieves the effects of childbirth and aging by stimulating healing responses in the vaginal canal to enhance moisture levels, while also remodeling the tissue fibers in the vaginal and vulva areas to restore their tone, flexibility and shape.

“I’m pleased to offer CO2RE Intima as a quick, simple and safe procedure to respond to a growing interest among my patients to improve their intimate and vaginal wellbeing,” said Dr Moulton of The Listening Doctor in Fort Myers, Florida. “The CO 2RE Intima is an excellent, non-surgical solution to complement my practice offerings. Performed in-office, the treatments are safe and effective with mild to no discomfort, and with little to no downtime – addressing some of the top concerns of my patients.”

Dr. Moulton is an Internal Medicine physician and offers her patients integrative Medicine options. She is experienced with women wellness and offer bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. In the process, she found that women were more excited about their sexual experience after hormone replacement and that their experience is more heightened after adding The CO 2RE Intima.

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